17 and Baking

Shoot Man. I am not nearly as successful as I feel Elissa is of 17 and baking is. She has a blog that I've found fairly easily (which in my mind translates to popular), her photography skills are 20x better than mine, and she makes some delicious looking food. In fact, I think you should also see some of this grub:

I love berries. I really do - berry smoothies, berry pie, berry cake, berry parfait. Give me some berries!

This looks beautiful. I think I only really like pears if they're baked with sugar.

Gay pride! When is that again?
Likes: Talented photographer and delicious photography
Dislikes: I don't appreciate that she is already more talented than me. Jerk teenagers.

Hipster Puppies

I was just sent to the Hipster Puppies website and already I'm in love. What a perfect pick for funny Friday.

Hilarity Ensues:

Have a good weekend!


I know I said that I was like a tiger before - but really. I'm a peacock, proud and colorful, so I was delighted when I stumble upon this peacocks blog. A friend of mine from high school use to call me peacock and I would call her llama. As adults, we're not close - but I have fond memories for old nicknames and good times. Patra's Peacock Collections - proves that peacocks are very popular, even in stitch work!

Example here:

Likes: Peacocks galore!

Dislikes: Most of the peacock designs are quite similar. Let's jazz up some of these peacocks and put them in some Bob Mackie dresses!

Stay Beautiful

Sometimes I just hit "Next Blog" on blogspot until I find something that I like. This process can sometimes take quite a while, so I was pleasantly delighted to find staybeautiful. The main thing I like about this blog is really… the title picture. I need to make one/have someone make a beautiful one for me.

Also, the blog has crafted something that describes me entirely:

I know you were thinking that those eyes looked so familiar and yet mysterious. That's because it reminds you of me.

Likes: The title image looks neat.

Dislikes: It is the same irk I have with most crafter's blogs - sometimes when you glue too many things together it looks odd. Really odd… and kind of obsessive - reminds me of the letters to Rachel in The Bodyguard.

Mod Cloth

So, not exactly a blog - but definitely something I spent an hour last night exploring, Mod Cloth, in my mind is like the cheaper younger sister of Anthropologie. I fell in love with a few choice items last night like:

What a cute little date night dress.

Perfect summer wedding dress (to wear as a guest...)

What I wish I had worn to my prom... forever ago, instead of a lady's version of a tux. That was still pretty cool... but exposed a little more than I probably should have.
Also - Finished books 3-6: Shakespeare's Christmas, Shakespeare's Trollop, and Shakespeare's Counselor all by Charlaine Harris. Good fast little reads. Nothing too thought-provoking.

Cake Wrecks

I'm sure most have you have seen the wonderful sight that is Cake wrecks, so I will just touch upon a few likes and disklikes and share some pictures.

Likes: HILARIOUS Cakes - my favorite kind of humor (not on purpose)

Dislikes: I hate the color motif of the blog itself... maybe a personal preference

Now onto pictures:

How precious...

No really! I'm laughing at this again...

That cake is worth so much more than $7.99.

20 x 200

When I'm not sorting my way through etsy but I'm craving new art to look at - I venture over to20x200. Great prints to hang up anywhere and soooo mad cheap! Here are some of my current favorites:

How About Orange

Orange is not my favorite color... in fact it is one of my least favorite colors but my best friend adores it, can't get enough of it and would probably buy everything in the world orange if she could and her husband didn't object.

All that said, I'm glad the blog How About Orange is willing to branch out to other colors as well like pinks, purples, blues, and greens otherwise I would not be able to stand it.

Likes: Cutesy things to make that I will never make but like looking at

Dislikes: Orange.