Things I love

I love all of these (duh found on etsy) - need a present idea? Done and done.


Things have been going on the rough side for the past few weeks, but I've found some funny and quite distracting websites, one of which is on the bitter side:chelsea i want my flannel back.

It is a site for those scorned by the world and those attempting to be funny (and occasionally succeeding)… Let's be honest, I don't some of those hits include:

Also, I love that this website didn't really take off.

And for effect -here's a picture

Wedding Blogs

So - after recently getting engaged I have been sucked into the ominous world of Wedding Blogs. These blogs are so crazy that they even have their own yearly convention where Wedding Bloggers get together and talk about their weddings they had (some several years ago) and how great weddings are in general.
I have two issues with these blogs:
1) Their imagery is addicting, beautiful, and whole heartedly disappointing to the majority of people getting married without a +50K budget.
2) Why is it that the "budget bloggers" weddings aren't as pretty?
3) (I know I said two, but whatever) Why is it that they never blog about the vows people write or how excited the couple is for marriage? It is a barrage of pictures of a wedding between Rich Man and Crafty Woman - but who knows if the marriage is meant to last.

But I digress. The blogs are still beautiful and just the other day I finished going through green wedding shoes and right now I'm making my way through style me pretty.

I have been getting great ideas and using the small percentage of me that is creative to come up with an economical twist to make them happen. I just like the last image here… so ignore the top two.

I'm Remembering...

Oh Haitus…. not exactly over - I've been trying to catch up on books and life and such before I can begin regularly blogging away again… but I'll put in a few new websites to check out.

i'm remembering: Cute - nostalgia in a website. I freaked out a bit when I saw this because of all the memories!

My sister had this exact alarm. I was always confused and amazed.
I still don't understand all of the functions of this pencil holder.
My parents had this game.
Polly Pocket!

Man, Colds Suck.

I'll admit it - I have a bias against mouth breathers. Just the phrase "mouth breathers" alone is a little off-putting. And now, I have become one. I'll skip the snot description (but I could give you a detailed one if you wanted it) - but just know that I have not breathed through both of my nostrils in a few days and I am really starting to get tired of not being able to.

To perk myself up - I strolled through a few blogs, one in particular caught my eye: smart remarks book club. As you well know, I am reading my way through this year, which has actually made the year fly by so far. It's April?! How did that happen? I finished another book: Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen. It was a just okay book… nothing spectacular.

Right! Back to the blog - Smart Remarks Book Club
Likes: I love her picture/icon! I really need to get clever-er and make one myself. Also, duh - she reviews books and gives me great ideas for other books that I should read this year. I'm really trying to borrow and not buy, but she makes it very tempting to go and buy a hoard of them!

Dislikes: Due to her page, I'm quite tempted to indulge in more teen-drama books like the Uglies and Vampire Diaries! Eek. DO NOT BUY. I feel shame. Also, like my own blog - it needs more pictures!

Here is a picture just to have a picture in this post:


Alright - So, I'll admit it has been a busy past month.

Books I've read:
- PASS. Really though, this short book is a snore.

8. See No Evil by Robert Baer

- Interesting enough to make me Wikipedia about public facts about the CIA

9. In the Woods by Tana French

- SO good. And sad and mysterious. Dark and twisty that makes you keep turning those pages.

10. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

- Great. Really great, I hope the movie wasn't completely botched.

11. Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

- Eh. Kind of boring and slightly… weird. Not my time of book.

This means that yes, I'm 3 books behind! How did that happen? I blame the Japan trip, which was awesome but has made me falter in my reading. I will really have to be diligent to catch up… or maybe read shorter books?

Also, here's a blog for you to check out: the animal blog -soooo adorable!


I've turned into a gross person who likes looking at photos of cute animals. What next, putting them up in my cubicle? (I don't actually have a cubicle… but let's just imagine that)