Alright - So, I'll admit it has been a busy past month.

Books I've read:
- PASS. Really though, this short book is a snore.

8. See No Evil by Robert Baer

- Interesting enough to make me Wikipedia about public facts about the CIA

9. In the Woods by Tana French

- SO good. And sad and mysterious. Dark and twisty that makes you keep turning those pages.

10. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

- Great. Really great, I hope the movie wasn't completely botched.

11. Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

- Eh. Kind of boring and slightly… weird. Not my time of book.

This means that yes, I'm 3 books behind! How did that happen? I blame the Japan trip, which was awesome but has made me falter in my reading. I will really have to be diligent to catch up… or maybe read shorter books?

Also, here's a blog for you to check out: the animal blog -soooo adorable!


I've turned into a gross person who likes looking at photos of cute animals. What next, putting them up in my cubicle? (I don't actually have a cubicle… but let's just imagine that)

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