Man, Colds Suck.

I'll admit it - I have a bias against mouth breathers. Just the phrase "mouth breathers" alone is a little off-putting. And now, I have become one. I'll skip the snot description (but I could give you a detailed one if you wanted it) - but just know that I have not breathed through both of my nostrils in a few days and I am really starting to get tired of not being able to.

To perk myself up - I strolled through a few blogs, one in particular caught my eye: smart remarks book club. As you well know, I am reading my way through this year, which has actually made the year fly by so far. It's April?! How did that happen? I finished another book: Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen. It was a just okay book… nothing spectacular.

Right! Back to the blog - Smart Remarks Book Club
Likes: I love her picture/icon! I really need to get clever-er and make one myself. Also, duh - she reviews books and gives me great ideas for other books that I should read this year. I'm really trying to borrow and not buy, but she makes it very tempting to go and buy a hoard of them!

Dislikes: Due to her page, I'm quite tempted to indulge in more teen-drama books like the Uglies and Vampire Diaries! Eek. DO NOT BUY. I feel shame. Also, like my own blog - it needs more pictures!

Here is a picture just to have a picture in this post:

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