Inspiration Just found:

These are part of a series of books published by Penguin Classics and the fabric covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smit. I'm sure you've seen them on all the blogs sometime in the last year and a half… but that does not quiet my desire to have them. They are so pretty! And I need to re-read most of these books anyway. Speaking of that, I'm about 5 books behind right now. I'm planning on catching up very soon, schedule and motivation pending.

Mikao's World

I found this somehow… I don't really remember and it isn't really important. What I find fascinating about mikao is that I like so many thing about this website but I also disagree with most everything. How can I have so much in common and yet the polar opposite taste in lots of things. Example:

1) Her list:

Movies I Can Watch Again and Again

- Serendipity
- Elizabethtown
- Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
- Back to the Future II
- Finding Forrester
- The Lakehouse
- A Lot Like Love
- P.S. I Love You
- Brokedown Palace
- The Bourne Identity
- Kate & Leopold
- Catch and Release
- August Rush
- The Holiday
- Little Women
- Enchanted
- The Blind Side

I can agree with 4 movies on this list. The others - I hate with a burning fiery passion.

2) Super cute necklace she has:

Well - I think you know my pros and cons of this website now.

Bad blogger

So, I'll admit that I've been slacking on the blogging front. To make up for it I will list three blogs in this post.

Numero Uno: gofugyourself

Likes: Hilarious (most of the time) and catches me up on celebrity news

Dislikes: Sometimes tries too hard to be funny.

Numero dos: joythebaker

LIkes: She makes unusual things and takes those pretty food pictures I always adore. She seems pretty down to earth and like-able.

Dislikes: Sometimes the posts can be a little "eh" and the formatting can be odd sometimes. Who needs a huge COMMENTS font?

Numero trois: lagrace

Likes: In honor of my friend Grace who lives in LA! Also, gives me good ideas for beer to give to my special man friend.

Dislikes: I think she might have given up on this blog… also the colors are atrocious. I hate hate hate light font on super dark backgrounds.

In other news, I'm going to Japan next week… so if I don't update this again over the weekend… it probably isn't going to happen until the week after next. Whoops!

Bowles of Goodies

So, I stumbled upon this from my sister: yeahisayyalll. I guess this is a friend of hers that I've met before who in general updates more and is quite funny. Check out some of her funny quips and news stories:

Video of her dog in the snow

V-Day Gone Bad

Oh Also, she loves puppies. Puppies are cute. No matter what you say.

All Folded Up

Once upon a time I worked at a Japanese restaurant, and at that Japanese restaurant there were no actual Japanese people. For the one year anniversary, the management decided (smartly) that we should have origami cranes hanging from every ceiling tile so that in case people didn't know that we were a Japanese restaurant from our name "Fuji Japanese Restaurant" they would surely know by the cranes folded by an American teenager. To commemorate this memory, I give you:wrappedfolds. This blog is dedicated to the art of origami and gives you wonderful things to fold up like:

Likes: Cuteness! And so many things that I'll never attempt
Dislikes: Infrequency of posting… and lack of fantastic super clear photos.