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I found this somehow… I don't really remember and it isn't really important. What I find fascinating about mikao is that I like so many thing about this website but I also disagree with most everything. How can I have so much in common and yet the polar opposite taste in lots of things. Example:

1) Her list:

Movies I Can Watch Again and Again

- Serendipity
- Elizabethtown
- Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
- Back to the Future II
- Finding Forrester
- The Lakehouse
- A Lot Like Love
- P.S. I Love You
- Brokedown Palace
- The Bourne Identity
- Kate & Leopold
- Catch and Release
- August Rush
- The Holiday
- Little Women
- Enchanted
- The Blind Side

I can agree with 4 movies on this list. The others - I hate with a burning fiery passion.

2) Super cute necklace she has:

Well - I think you know my pros and cons of this website now.

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