Bad blogger

So, I'll admit that I've been slacking on the blogging front. To make up for it I will list three blogs in this post.

Numero Uno: gofugyourself

Likes: Hilarious (most of the time) and catches me up on celebrity news

Dislikes: Sometimes tries too hard to be funny.

Numero dos: joythebaker

LIkes: She makes unusual things and takes those pretty food pictures I always adore. She seems pretty down to earth and like-able.

Dislikes: Sometimes the posts can be a little "eh" and the formatting can be odd sometimes. Who needs a huge COMMENTS font?

Numero trois: lagrace

Likes: In honor of my friend Grace who lives in LA! Also, gives me good ideas for beer to give to my special man friend.

Dislikes: I think she might have given up on this blog… also the colors are atrocious. I hate hate hate light font on super dark backgrounds.

In other news, I'm going to Japan next week… so if I don't update this again over the weekend… it probably isn't going to happen until the week after next. Whoops!

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