Wedding Blogs

So - after recently getting engaged I have been sucked into the ominous world of Wedding Blogs. These blogs are so crazy that they even have their own yearly convention where Wedding Bloggers get together and talk about their weddings they had (some several years ago) and how great weddings are in general.
I have two issues with these blogs:
1) Their imagery is addicting, beautiful, and whole heartedly disappointing to the majority of people getting married without a +50K budget.
2) Why is it that the "budget bloggers" weddings aren't as pretty?
3) (I know I said two, but whatever) Why is it that they never blog about the vows people write or how excited the couple is for marriage? It is a barrage of pictures of a wedding between Rich Man and Crafty Woman - but who knows if the marriage is meant to last.

But I digress. The blogs are still beautiful and just the other day I finished going through green wedding shoes and right now I'm making my way through style me pretty.

I have been getting great ideas and using the small percentage of me that is creative to come up with an economical twist to make them happen. I just like the last image here… so ignore the top two.


  1. aaaaand she's back! Welcome back to the blogging world, friend.

  2. omg! i love the idea of applesauce in a jar for wedding guests! that's so cute. i love the Dana + Scott’s Sweet Oregon Wedding photos!! maybe i want to get married in oregon in the future. duly noted. lol.