On My Desk

I just recently purchased a desk and have been looking for desk chairs to accompany my desk because the wooden dining table chair has proven to be both unstable and uncomfortable. Through my desk chair searching I stumbled upon a blog simply about things onmydesk. Brilliant! Now I can pry into people's personal lives while getting inspiration for what to do with my own at home workspace. I would share a picture of my own… but I literally just got my desk a week ago and nothing much is on it yet.

I tried out a desk chair just like this one at Ikea an
d it was awfully uncomfortable - cheap but not worth the physical therapy bills.

This is more what I would be going for if I had a bit more space/light/time/creativity.

Likes: Already stated, pry into what people stare at for hours on end - also, get some neat storage ideas.

Dislikes: Everyone who submits their workspace are just doing it to promote their blogs. I wish we could get some everyday people in here…

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