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Is it just me or are ALL blogspot blogs - crafty? Is there some trend I just now discovered… I need to look into this more. Quilters, Knitters, and Stamp-Tramps all over the place! Most of thegalblog-blog reminds me of White Oleander - where the daughter creates these art project to represent things…or something. It's been several years since I read that book.

Also a trend- if a blogspot blog has music… it's going to be Christian music.

Speaking of which- just finished Book #1 for 2010 - Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneggar. I'd get this one from the library as opposed to owning. A good read, but not a re-read.

Let's get on to the real blog of the day: mypaperpalace. It is a relatively unknown site with nice card ideas. I feel like card making is a hot new trend right now. I don't personally make any cards, but I see a lot of paper/card shops… and that has to mean something, right? Also, she's from Chile originally, very cool.

Likes: She tells you how she makes everything, and what kinds of stamps she uses. Also, lots of cutesy card ideas and other quirky card ideal like this terrifying gem:

Dislikes: Maybe too much cutesy stuff for my taste and occasionally uses LOLs.

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