Orangette - a beautiful blog in a nutshell. Your basic food blog with great writing. I love the pictures and their polaroid likeness. I feel as though I'm not trendy enough to get away with making my photos polaroided. So I will simply have to just put in some of my favorite pictures from Orangette's blog:

Take these tomatoes for example - don't they look beautiful? I don't even like tomatoes that much and I want to eat these. And check out these French Macaroons:

Don't they look divine? I have yet to have a French Macaroon (how lower class of me... yes, I know). I promise to try one soon-ish. I hear they melt in your mouth and I always love sugary things that do that. Like Cotton Candy from a state fair.

Likes: She's a native of Oklahoma City (as am I) and moved elsewhere to make her life (ditto again). She has used her popularity online to make a book, have a column in a popular food magazine... and start a small restaurant. If I ever return to Seattle, I want to try it.

Dislikes: Now that she has her restaurant and is super busy with other important things... she doesn't blog as much.

*Update! I found out she actually uses Polaroids and not just a program to make them Polaroids.

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