The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Okay, I know - gasp another food blog right in a row! It isn't my fault that I like food and I write when I'm hungry.

Anywho - The Way the Cookie Crumbles, has delicious inventive recipes that I've actually tried (sorry... no photos of the ugly dishes I concocted.) But I do have some yeast in my fridge... and maybe I'll make some of these English Muffins soon. I can't promise that my photos are going to be fantastic... my camera is a pink girly thing not a fancy SLR.
I have legitimately made this Vegetable Curry. It was easy and delicious. I fed off of it for an entire week and made my co-workers a little smellier for it.

Likes: Delicious looking food with step by step photos, which really help when you've never made anything like it before.

Dislikes: I could not for the life of me, figure out how to contact the blogger Bridget to ask her about her blog or photos. I enjoy food... but I like having a little information about the blogger's personal life as well.

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