Pasta and Saucea

I’m planning on making pasta this weekend and using this sauce which everyone and their protégés have blogged about. But first, I have to find the right pasta recipe for myself – with the perfect egg/flour ratio. In my quest for this I came upon these wonderful food blogs and chose a picture from each to represent them.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry:

Mmmmmarshmallows! I just found a few weeks ago what gelatin really was. How sad for me.

Also - here are two other sites, but they aren't really heavy on the beautiful photos, sorry!

What’s for dinner tonight?:

Brooklyn Home Companion:

I will try to remember to take pictures of my adventures and post them for you (but really… no promises). I get hungry and forget about everything else. Tonight I’m having curry! But it isn’t homemade – so there is not point to taking pictures. But, if you like quick delicious curry “
Curry Simple” sells delicious bases that you can add your own protein/veggies to. My favorite things to add are fried tofu, bell peppers, and potatoes served over basmati rice. Mmmm…. Looking forward to it right now.

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