The Photodiarist

Some of the photos from The Photodiarist definitely give me the creeps (like the one below), but most of them I find impressive. I love people watching and figuring out people's habits, quirks etc. Right now at the gym it is couples season - where couples have to sweetie this and baby that until they can finally do a lunge correctly. Gross.

Likes: Cool Photos, didn't really read any of the writing... because I read the title of the blog...
Dislikes: I wish there were more in motion pictures.

Also - I have finished Books 2 and 3 of the New Year!

#2: Invisible Monsters by Chuch Palahniuk. Thoughts? It was weird, compelling, predictable (and yet not). All in all a decently entertaining super short book.

#3: I love you, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle. It was a Youth in Revolt wanna be with too many explicit sexual innuendos. I went to high school - and this isn't it.

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